Brakes & Services Princeton Tire Cincinnati

Brake Services

Simple brake pad replacement all the way to complete brake system installations.  Calipers, pads, discs or drums - we service them all.   

We honor manufacturer warranties on brakes we install.

Alignments / Rotations

Highly recommended with a new tire purchase, proper alignment saves you fuel and increases the life of your tires.

Our state of the art equipment ensures a job done right and a vehicle ready to take you where you want to go.

Shocks / Struts / Suspension

Manufacturers recommend older vehicles update their suspension systems to guarantee proper ride and tire wear.  We have all the great parts and know-how to keep your ride smooth and safe.

Oil Changes / Fluids / Wipers

The small stuff sometimes can be the most annoying to do yourself.  Let us change you oil, top off your fluids or replace your windshield wipers.  We specialize in sweating the small stuff.

Tire Balance / Repair / TPMS

No need for a new tire if your flat is repairable.  That ride disturbance may just be a wheel out of balance.  

We are experts with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems so if your dashboard is talking to you - come talk to us.

Fleet Services

If your business relies on your company vehicles then you can rely on us to help keep those vehicles on the road.  We have access to national account fleet programs but we also make local deals.