Featured Tires - Kenda

Kenetica KR17


 All Season Touring 
​50K Mileage Warranty S, T & H Rated
The KR17 offers dependability and safety at an incredible value!
​The Kenetica’s all season tread pattern has excellent grip in a variety of harsh conditions and an M&S rating.
Long lasting, smooth riding tread compound. 

Vezda UHP A/S KR400


 Ultra High Performance
Value-priced UHP All Season tire for year round drivers of sports cars, sedans, coupes and high performance vehicles.
​Formulated with a special silica compound combining summer levels of wet / dry performance with strong cold weather and light snow capability. 

Klever S/T KR52


 Touring CUV / SUV 
​60K Mileage Warranty T, H & V Rated 
For those looking to find the ultimate combination of performance & value. 
Ride comfort and long tread life to balance strong wet, dry & light snow performance with exceptional steering response 

Klever H/T2 KR600


 Highway Lt Truck All Season
60K  Mile Warranty - P-Metric Sizes
50K Mile Warranty - LTR Sizes

Versatile and value-priced light truck tire providing a great ride with strong wet and snow performance for the LT segment.  

Klever A/T KR28


 All Terrain Traction
3-Ply Sidewall for Durability
Unique tread design enables traction for all applications and conditions, giving an aggressive off-road look without sacrificing on-road comfort and performance. 

Klever M/T KR29


 Mud Terrain Traction
​Durable rubber compound and unique self-cleaning lugs provide maximum traction for performance in the harshest conditions of professional off-road racing as well as the most demanding work environments.